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Ankorr | Single pack Scrum Harness


Front Row Club is now an agent for Ankorr to the New Zealand and Global Rugby Markets

product-1The Ankorr Scrum Harness Package is perfect for Front Rowers and Rugby Players!

  • Individuals looking to dramatically increase their strength and endurance
  • Elite athletes looking for a competitive edge
  • Personal trainers looking for a point of difference in 1:1 sessions
  • Scrum Training
  • Balance, Power, Staying strong with movement while under a load
  • Technique

The Ankorr Package includes:

  • 1 x Ankorr, patented designed resistance harness.
  • 2 x medium resistance high quality latex resistance tubing with karabiners for the Ankorr.
  • 2 x medium resistance high quality latex tubing with handles & karabiners.
  • 1 x adjustable strap to secure to a pole, tree, fence to work off.

Ankorr Resistance Harness & ZUU training arm being used by elite sports & armed forces around the world. Level 1 courses in Ankorr & ZUU coming soon the the UK through Beaver Fit & Wicked Fitness.

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